Davide Sottocornola wins the first Supermountain race



“I come from Pordenone, I was at the first Superenduro at San Romolo in 2008 and did not want to miss the first Supermountain today, I really enjoyed it.” – Marco Quaia
Working closely with Via del Sale ASD, Superenduro have bought a new race format to life. On a trail that had everything from tough, technical lines, through to fast, wide-open slopes and bursts of pedalling to test your fitness riders of all abilities were put to the test. In a location with endless vertical metres of descending and stunning panoramic views, Supermountain was born on a great weekend.

limone_piemonte_86 limone_piemonte_86

The race departed from the Cabanaira chairlift, nearly 1,000m above Limone Piemonte. The 54 fastest riders from Saturday’s qualification battled it out in the first group. Like in motocross, a fast qualifying time meant you had a better pick of starting position on the grid. Davide Sottocornola (Cico Bikes – Endura) won qualifying yesterday and translated that choice of position into the holeshot on race day. Manuel Ducci (Life Cycle) and Andrea Bruno (Transition – Ready2Ride) were hot on his heals.

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Dreaded by the athletes, the three tough, technical lines of “The Trivium” presented a tough choice and took their first victim early on. Andrea Bruno punctured, putting him well out of the running. Manuel Ducci stayed hard of Davide’s back wheel over all seven kilometres of the course, but Davide eventually got the better of him, winning by 3.4 seconds.


Pietro Caire (Argentina Bike) edged out Manuel’s teammate, Joseph Murachelli for third place in the heat. Gianluca Bonanomi (Team Pro-M) made his comeback to mountain bike racing and grabbed sixth ahead of Francesco Formichi (MTB School Lago di Maggiore), Carletto Germanetto (Northwest Cycling), Andrew Leo (Bike Cafe) and Andrea Toniati (Cico Bikes Endura).

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“Me and Davide were swapping place through the first run and it was a lot of fun.” – Manuel Ducci

Among the girls, Limone Piemonte marks the return of Elisa Canepa (Riviera Outdoor) to gravity racing, ahead of Chiara Pastore (Cico Bikes Endura) and Valentina Macheda (Life Cycle).

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Gianluca Bonanomi took the second holeshot, but could not hold of Manuel Ducci. Davide was strong through the rocks and took that second spot from Bonanomi. Andrea Bruno started strong, but a tape wrapped around he rear wheel got stuck in his brake and held him back. Sottocornola pushed Ducci all the way to the line, but this time he could not find an ovetake.


In the women’s race it was a photocopy of the first, with Elisa Canepa taking the victory from Chiara Pastore and Valentina Macheda.

limone_piemonte_97 limone_piemonte_97

This gave Sottocornola the overall victory from Ducci, by just 2.2 seconds over half an hour of descending. Manuel was joined on the podium by his Life Cycle teammates Alessandro Seddaiu in third and Joseph Murachelli in fourth. Pietro Caire took a solid fifth spot. Francesco Formichi took sixth, Carletto Germanetto (Northwest Cycling) seventh, Andrea Toniate (Cico Bikes – Endura) eighth, Andrea Leo (Bike Club Sestriere) ninth and Gerardo Bottinello (Cico Bikes – Endura) tenth.


With this great weekend Supermountain is now officially launched. The next event is the Superenduro PRO race at Madesimo 14-15 July and the next Supermountain race is 15-16 September at Pila.

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