#2 Varazze Superenduro









Name: Varazze Superenduro powered by SRAM
Date: 07-08/05/2016
Place of departure / arrival: Varazze – Molo del Surf
Organization: Vaze Free Time
Race affiliation: FCI

Varazze Outdoor


The Varazze Superenduro powered by SRAM race consists of four Special Stages with start and finish on the Surf Dock in Varazze.
SE-G, SE-1 categories will do a shorter race competing on PS1 and PS4. A portion of the liaison to Stage 1 will be with Shuttle.
E-MTB category will do a shorter race competing on PS3 and PS4 for a total climb of 1.200m.
The time control will be at Surf dock in Varazze.
The tracking will be complete Saturday 7th morning in time for the start of the Official Practice.


Prove Speciali


Lunghezza Percorso






The race starts form Molo del Surf of Varazze.
Through the streets of Varazze and then up a steep dirt road, The first liaison will bring the bikers to the spectacular start of the PS1 Hard Rock, right in front of the church of Nostra Signora della Guardia.
Hard Rock – PS1 (2.3 km / 290 m) is the classic Ligurian trail. A first steep portion with mixed terrain of rock and sand, is followed by a section where riders have to maintain speed without spending too much energy. The central part of the trail is very technical with fixed stones (Hard Rock) and several line options that will make the difference. The last portion is not particularly steep but riders will need to keep some reactivity to float on the rocks and save energy for the rest of the race.
The finish line of the Stage will be at the very beginning of the town that descends from 100m to the Aurelia road. Following the arrows rider will arrive to the Surf Dock in Varazze for the Time Control.
After Time Control riders will attend the longest transfer of the race, 15km which will take them to 1000m above sea level in the heart of the Beigua Geopark forests.
Here starts the PS2, which is the sum of some of the funniest trails of the area.
Singletrack to Zeta to Jungle – PS2 (2.64 km / 360m) is a fluid and funny Stage that joins three trails rich of flow and turns with nice grip. The perfect Stage to recover after the long ascent. These three trails are very popular to the local Beigua riders. Some new junctions have been added close to the road so that will make easy for the crowd to reach cool spots. At the end of PS2, in the Piccolo Ranch area there will be a feed zone to recover some energy for the next liaison towards PS-3.
The first portion is the same that leads to the PS2 but soon riders will take one of the many dirt roads that cross the Natural Park. 1.5km of pure beauty, lost in the mountain vegetation but at the same time so close to the sea.
The liaison ends on an open meadow, very close to the summit of Monte Beigua. From up here the view on the sea is simply breath-taking.
From up here the PS3 – 626 (4.1 km / 653m) starts. A turning point for the race with a Stage that embodies the best riding the Beigua Park. After a few meters on a wide dirt road rider will enter the first section of the trail with fixed rocks and technical sections where they will have to be able to choose the best line. The scenario here is truly unique. Some hundreds meter ahead we recognize signs of man presence, with stone walls and a path that looks like an old mule track. Suddenly the view opens again and reminds us we are a few km from the Ligurian Sea. The long “626” stage changes again, and after a fun section in a small forest riders will arrive at a crossroads where a nice sight of the Alpes Maritimes opens up. From here begins an old trail in the woods that will take rider to the bottom of the Stage with the smile on their faces. Small crests, compression, continuous variations of the slope, riders will need to slow down the enthusiasm and think about efficiency because it is probably here that you can make the difference in the race.
626 ends on the road that from Alpicella leads to Le Faie where riders will move again on the “sea side” of the race. A liaison on asphalt and then on gravel will brings riders back to the Nostra Signora Della Guardia church.
New Generation, is the name of PS4 (1.9 km / 254m). It goes down on the left side of Hard Rock trail and it’s a completely new Stage made for the Varazze Superenduro race.
It starts with the same type of “Hard Rock” terrain, but shows immediately its character with a couple of hard compressions before diving back into the sea with several turns. It’s a typical Ligurian trail with stones everywhere and even if you try to get out of the track, the dense vegetation will pull you back in. Short and physical, it doesn’t have big technical difficulties except for the fact that after 45 km of race the fatigue will definitely play an important role. After the finish line the liaison is all downhill until the Surf dock of Varazze where the race will end.

Download GPS track with all the special stages


Dates and Timing
07pm   Event Village and paddock setup
08am-06pm  Practice
09am-12pm  Event Village and paddock setup
02pm-06pm  Registrations
06.30pm – 07pm   Technical briefing Paddock Area, Molo del Surf, Varazze
07.30pm  Orizzonte dj set
07am-07.45am Registrations
08.00am Race Start
5.30pm Awards

1 – Molo del Surf, Varazze


1 – Molo del Surf, Varazze; 2 – Parco Beigua


  • Bathrooms and showers
    Palazzetto dello sport – Molo del Surf
  • Bike wash
    Piazza de Gasperi
  • Pasta party
    Molo del Surf offered by the Cuochi Savona association
  • Massages
    Contact Michle Cartasegna +39 347.9403476 ottobre@hotmail.com
  • Free Camper Area
    Ex Campo Sportivo Pino Ferro. Only parking. No Camping, No Electricity, No Services
  • Camper Area
    Camping del Sole. Via Vignetta n° 34, Varazze SV. Tel: +39 019931710. Sconto 10% reduction if you book saying you’re racing at the Superenduro.
  • Shuttle service
    BIT – Beigua Insane Tribu. Write to bit_freeride@hotmail.it o contact by phone Ricky +39 3476681000
  • Bike shop
    Trilli’s World – Corso Matteotti 20 Varazze. Phone: +39 3492829570
  • Wi-Fi
  • First aid
    Via Maestri del Lavoro d’Italia, 34, Varazze. Tel: 019 934490
  • Hospital
    S. Paolo Via Genova 30, 17100 Savona


  • Sightseeing tours 
    Mini cruises to discover the beauty of our coast
  • Sailing Simulator
    Mini-courses for children and adults of sailing simulator for Optimist and 4:20.
  • Whale watching
    Daily tours at the Whale Sanctuary.
  • Surf
    Four surf spot close to Varazze and one of them also for night surfing.
  • Beauty center
    Centro Estetico di Laura. Piazza Buccelli 2/A, Varazze, SV 17019. Tel.: +39 0199354552. 10% discount by presenting a copy of the registration to the race.
  • Yoga
  • Cultural tours
    Discover the Sant’Ambrogio cathedral of the XVI century, the church of San Domenico or the Saints Nazario and Celso one.
  • Walking
    The walk Europe Promenade, created by the old railway line, is entirely flat and about 4 Km long.
  • Climbing
    Monte Castellaro, in the village of Alpicella, offers a number of different levels of difficulty (from 3+/4 to 6b).
  • Boulder
    For boulder climbing lovers there are 1,180 passages mainly on Serpentinite at an altitude from 300 to 1000 meters.
  • Naturalistic trekking
    Along the famous white road Faie Prariondo.
  • Archaeological hiking
    In this pleasant journey we will travel the “Megalithic Road”, a paved trail, that will take us to the Neolithic age.
  • Discovering the Geopark
    The Natural Park Guides will take you to visit a rich geological territory.
  • Canyoning
    Along the Rio Prialunga, you will live the experience of crossing narrow canyons with waterfalls, lakes and slides, in an uncontaminated and unique environment.



  • Molo del Surf

By car
A10 Highway, Exit Casello Varazze or Celle Ligure

By Train
Railway Genova – Ventimiglia, until the Varazze station. http://www.trenitalia.com

By Plane
The closest airport is Genova, 24 km away. http://www.aeroporto.net/genova/

Associazione Albergatori Varazze
Tel.: +39 01997528
Tel.: +39 3396076061 Sig.ra Rosanna

Ristorante Pizzeria Quattro A
Indirizzo: Corso Cristoforo Colombo, 42, 17019 Varazze SV
Telefono:348 013 1361

Ristorante Pizzeria Scacco Matto
Indirizzo: Via Giuseppe Verdi, 1, 17019 Varazze SV
Telefono:019 932658

Ristorante La Mola
Indirizzo: Via Guglielmo Marconi, 17, 17019 Varazze SV
Telefono:019 932469

Ristorante Pizzeria QKursal Margherita
Indirizzo: Corso Matteotti Giacomo, 15, 17019 Varazze SV
Telefono:019 96286

Ristorante Boma
Indirizzo: Via dei Tornitori, 2-3 / Marina di Varazze, 17019 Varazze SV
Telefono:019 934530