Superenduro returns to Calestano for the second year and is back into the hills of the Apennines around Parma, over the Alpicella Bike Park trail network, refreshed and further expanded with two new lines to mark the occasion.


On 26-27 May, for the second year in a row, Superenduro lands on Calestano, a venue that in 2017 could only reveal a fraction of what it has to offer because of adverse weather conditions that hit the place at that time. It managed to surprise everyone with the quality of trails and food though 😉
After Sanremo’s rocks and technical terrain, it is time for speed and flow: Calestano will offer a completely different race, but nevertheless equally challenging.
For this year’s edition, the Alpicella Bike Park crew has worked hard on the trails to offer everyone renewed fun in the saddle and a quite different race course compared to the previous one. Two new lines, never used before, have been opened; timed stages are now going to offer a total of 15 km of racing – in the 2017 edition the race course was only 10 km long.


The total number of Special Stages will still be 4: combined with an increased overall length, it suggests the race course will be something less steep and more flowy. Trails will be long and fast, with open corners for some good high-speed action.
Manuel Ducci, Superenduro technical manager, says “The speed on Special Stages here is quite high, due to the nature of terrain and slopes most of Special Stages will use. The terrain is quite smooth, with a lot of places to sprint. The real unknown factor will be the grip. During the inspection we had some good fun: the bike was all over the place, foot-out-flat-out all the time”.


The last Special Stage of the day will go throughout Calestano town centre right across the pasta party area. Or, better said, the fried-pizza party next to Event Village and Team Paddock area in Arena Ferrari.
Plenty of fun and entertainment for everyone at the second round of the season: an important race in terms of Championship too, because racking up points here would mean having to face the following round, the difficult Canazei EWS Continental race, with less pressure.
We would like to remind all Italian riders that registering on the Italian Cycling Federation IT Protocol is mandatory and it will close at 24:00 on Thursday 24 May, while Superenduro online registration will be possible until 20:00 on Thursday 24 May.


The official race-course will be announced on Friday 18 May; meanwhile, you will find in the Race Book all info you may need about available services, such as the shuttle service, and links to book your accommodation.
Calestano Superenduro has is store a lot of fun, and it is waiting for you!