Lerici Superenduro, third and penultimate Round of the 2019 season hits the uplands around La Spezia


Not even a month after the spectacular event of Punta Ala, on 15 and 16 June Superenduro will land on Lerici, a beautiful resort overlooking the Gulf of La Spezia.

It is the first time that Superenduro is hosted by this venue, located on the border between Liguria and Tuscany, but a lot of hard work has been carried out – for a while now – on this network of trails that from the hills in the back-country stretch down to the sea, joining the old town of Lerice and the natural area of Parco Montemarcello-Magra-Vara.
Here, views and panorama are truly breathtaking, overlooking the Gulf of La Spezia, Porto Venere and Palmaria Island.
What characterizes the whole area and the trails, manicured by local sport association Caprione Outdoor Lerici Bike, is something really remarkable. Special Stages are never too spread out, while the differences in elevation are moderate; the scenery is that typical of the Ligurian Western Riviera with hills overlooking the sea and dropping down quite steep and technical but never too difficult. It is going to be a race that needs good understanding and careful evaluation.


Times are going to be very tight and making a difference will be hard. Therefore, getting it wrong and throwing the race away will be very easy. And this means already that the fighting will be serious until the last of the 6 scheduled Special Stages, for the benefit of all enthusiasts attending the event and enjoying the spectacle. Format-wise, with this in mind, Lerici will bring back the through-town final Stage: at the Lerici-Castle Urban, riders will cross a finish line that will be located straight in the hearth of the old town, in the middle of the paddock area.
The Time Control within the paddock area will also be back in the format during the Lerici Round. Therefore, it will be possible to get outside assistance (from mechanics) in the middle of the course on Sunday. No changes instead with regard to Open Practice: it will only be possible on Saturday the 15th, although with the help of shuttles in predefined sections that will be indicated later on.
The Race Book of Lerici Superenduro is online, together with all info regarding accommodation and race registration, besides all additional services such as the massages offered by Take Your Time or the access to the public swimming pool for all competitors, their families and support teams.
The race course is going to be announced on Friday 7 June, but meanwhile we would like to remind all riders that they need to register both to the ‘Fattore K’ of the Italian Cycling Federation and to ENDU. There are 350 entries available at this third Round of Superenduro 2019, hurry up if you don’t want to be left out.
We will be waiting for you!