The tenth edition of the Superenduro Series kicks off in Sanremo, Liguria, with a technical and spectacular race that is also valid as Enduro World Series Qualifier.

It is almost ‘go’ time for the latest season of Superenduro. And this is not an ordinary year: the series is now in its tenth edition.
Since 2009, Italy’s most famous series of mtb enduro events has been writing memorable pages in the history of the discipline. Now it’s about time to fire off another series of memorable races. Starting with the first event in the calendar, Sanremo.
This venue of the Ligurian Riviera, also famous for the Casino and the Music Festival, is home to some of the toughest downhill tracks in the world, the same that the legendary Rachel Atherton has recently described as “the gnarliest track ever” and the same that keeps nurturing talents for the Downhill Cup.
But Sanremo means more than DH only; enduro riding is amazing too and, thanks to the work of the Sanremo Bike Resort crew, its huge potential is finally coming to light and resonating around the world. It is not by chance that the venue has been selected to host an Enduro World Series Qualifier Event.


The same municipality of Sanremo is at the forefront of the development of the ‘bike product’, strongly backing up this event. It is worth mentioning the recent launch of a bus line between Sanremo and San Romolo, running during the weekends and especially aimed at riders, that should be in operation at the coming Superenduro event.
Sanremo Superenduro will – no doubt – be a very technical race for mtbs and e-mtbs alike, with long and physical Special Stages, where it will take sheer grit and a firm grip on the handlebar to bring home an epic race. The riders will need to keep their eyes wide open, riding in a light and nimble style in order to find the best line and avoid stalling against rocks. These trails have good flow, but riders must figure out how to find it.
Still, even if this is the first Superenduro event of the season, we are almost at the end of April… the winter rust is no longer an excuse and Superenduro will demand top commitment.


This region is also home to Manuel Ducci and Valentina Macheda, two of the greatest names of the Italian enduro scene and also two passionate riders who want to fulfil the racers’ expectations with trails that they have groomed to perfection.
To prepare this Superenduro event we have been working on the trails almost every day, with different teams. The winter has been rainy and the trails have been used quite a lot: there is much to do, especially on the new sections, those that have never been used before. We want this race to go off with a bang and we still have a few options to chose amongst for the final race course ” Manuel Ducci tells us.
The lovely town of Sanremo and the magic Ligurian sea will provide the 5 Special Stages with a wonderful background.
Event Village and Paddock will be located in Sanremo, at Villaggio dei Fiori, a venue along the Area 24 cycle route with all services for racers and good value accommodation for those who wish to stay at a close distance to the start/finish area. The Village is the ideal place to spend time with friends and family, lodge next to lodge, to share a barbecue and the adventures of the day or of the winter just passed.


All our partners will be sharing the experience: Vittoria, Giant, Liv, Endura, FiveTen, Evoc, OTC, the technical assistance crews that will be on hand to help the participants and all those who need tips and information about their products. And, of course, the ladies of WOW, that will take place in Sanremo, the first of three events.
The battle for the tenth Superenduro title is about to set off: Laura Rossin and Vittorio Gambirasio will be at the start line to defend their title against fierce competition, which – we are sure, it always happens at Superenduro – will reveal new players and unexpected surprises.