-Type: Pro
-Dates: 23/24 otobre 2010
-Place of departure / arrival: Finale Ligure, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II
-Organization: Riccardo Negro
Body-race affiliation: UISP
-End of the path (length, number PS, PS length, height): 35 km long, 4 PS + PS secret of the Saturday for 1400 vertical meters in total.


Open-enrollment: Ongoing
-Data signal path: one week before the official date
-Meeting times and day of race: Finalmarina in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. On Saturday at 15.00 hours and 16.00 hours open enrollment and expo area, followed by performances and live music in Edwards. Sunday 9.00 am open enrollment and expo area, at 10.00 starting of the race, followed by pasta party and awards.





From Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, take Brunenghi street direction Finalborgo, and near the police station turn right to ascend to the plateau of San Bernardino. On the residential area, follow the signs for “Residenza Rubino” to via degli Alisei. From here starts the familiar path of “Ciappi”, which brings to the first special stage that begins neara big crossroads on the left, from which starts the “Dolmen Trail (5 km).

It’s the first path in the history of the Final Enduro, restored 3 years ago (after almost 40 years of neglect) for the first edition of Finalenduro. Short (1 km) but intense, alternating fast parts in technical sections and very driven! After the first 200 meters, at a junction just near the path turns right and then runs into the woods to reach a Dolmen, from which takes its name. The special stage ends at a T-junction with another path that takes to the next transfer.
Follow the path that climbs almost to the left and turn right at the top to easily reach the main road. After a mile of asphalt you will reach again the path of Ciappi. When you reach the junction you crossed befor at the first special stage turn right and enter the path, full of ups and downs very fubby. After a short steeply uphill you arrive in front of a big crossroads, where starts the next special stage on the right.
From this point it is beginning the second that the third special stage.

The path soon meets other two junctions, the first one goes right (you will turn left into the next special stage), the second (barely visible) turns rightagain and brings into a thick wood through a fun trail that runs on some terraces and passes through technical turns and steep tracts very funny. The trail passes through a very wild environment and reaches first a cave and then a source. Keeping to the left at the crossroads you arrive to the village of Lacremà, from which you take the mule track that leads to the final Calvisio.
From Calvisio falls to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II along the road.
Here after the time control, we leave for the second round back on the plateau of San Bernardino.

Take the same path of previous special, but at the first intersection you now turn sharply left with a curve of 180 degrees, which takes us to single track with a series of switchbacks that takes us to the Case del Vacchè, which gives the name to the special, intercepting a path marked with a red losenge. Follow the track until the village of Lacremà. Along the trail you will discover 2 crossroads (one for a trail marked with three red dots and another after a climb uphill, marked by a red square blank) and you should always go left downhill. When you reach the village of Lacremà you reach a paved road that takes you down to 100 meters and you reach a mule track. Take it and you reach Calvisio, where is the end of the PS.

Once you reach the road turn right and near a bridge go left on the road to the village of Verzi. Near the top, follow the road Julia Augusta on the left also known as the road of Roman bridges. Follow the main dirt road through three Roman bridges reaching out to a sharp crossover. Take the right path that leads to the plateau of Manie. When you reach a restaurant, take the asfalt road that follows and at the next crossroad keep the right on a fast track on the road that crosses the plateau. Then take the right again and continue on the road until you reach the osteria della Briga. Here, alongside a clear and wide curve on the left, we stopped in a dirt clearing, from which starts the last special.

Path justly famous, as its 2.6 km length are almost entirely of Single Track! After a while you come to a junction where the path turns right and you start to descend. The first part is more technical, but fast. You will reach a second crossroad, where you have to turn left. After a fast single track through the fields we arrive at the houses where you continue straight until you reach a small clearing near a chapel. From here keep the right to intercept an old mule track which leads directly to Finalpia.

The entry fee is set at 30 euros by October 21, 2010.
To subscribe to the secretariat of the event on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 the price will be increased by 5 euros (35 euros total).
How to apply: Registrations for the stage of Punta Ala can be made on-site Saturday afternoon or on Sunday morning or through the website www.superenduromtb.com.
If you register online not later than 20:00 on Thursday 21 October the fee is set at EUR 30 (25Euro per category Sports Promo). After this date toy can make the inscription at the secretary of the race on Saturday or Sunday and the price will be increased by 5 Euro (total 35Euro – 30euro for Sport Promo category).
Via the online form you can only make one inscription for time. To validate the registration is necessary to send the payment receipt, attaching the file via the registration page and specify the number of transfers in the appropriate box. In case you want to make a payment for multiple subscriptions just send a single receipt, but you must indicate the number of transfers in the subsequent entries.
Entries which do not show the number of transfer will not be accepted. For additional security is recommended to have the transfer receipt during the weekend of competition at the examination passes.
METHOD OF PAYMENT: Bank transfer to ASD Superenduro Iban: IT47 V051 8859 3800 0000 0044 000


Official timing.
Refreshments on the race tracks
Staff assistance and emergency on the path of the special stages.
Bathrooms and hot showers are close to the paddock and exhibition.
Cleaning Bikes
Agreement with a restaurant adjacent to the performance area for lunches and dinners.
Sunday Pasta Party for competitors.
Camper area not far from the place of departure and arrival.

By car: from the exit of Final Ligure head towards the center following the signs towards the station. Opposite the station, at the roundabout, turn right on the way to the sea and follow the road that leads directly to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II.
By train: from the square to the station, cross the main road and reach the seafront. Follow the boardwalk to the beach holding the right and in 5 minutes you are in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II.