PRO 6 – 20/21 Ottobre – Finale Ligure (SV)


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-Event name: FinaleEnduro
-Type: Pro
-Date of Event: 20-21 October 2012
-Place of departure/arrival: Piazza Vittori Emanuele II
-Organiser: Superenduro A.S.D.
-Trail details:
Total lenght: 50 km
Altitude: 1500 m
n° Special Stages: 5

Registration: in progress
Trails marked from: 14/10/2012

-Meeting times and race day:

SATURDAY OCTOBER 20 2012 (Times still being defined):
12:00 – Sign-on closes and expo area
19:00 – Prologue starting
21:00 – Sign-on closes

SUNDAY OCTOBER 21 2012 (Times still being defined):
8:00 – Sign-on opens and expo area
9:00 – Sign-on closes
9:30 – First riders set off
17:30 – Awards


Download a high resolution map of the route.

Short and fast loop through the streets of the historic center of Finalmarina.
600 meters in total.

From the central square of Finalmarina riders will climb to the plateau of San Bernardino and up to the Ciappi trail. After a few hundred meters of trail leaves the first special. (6 km)

1) Dolmen Trail
The trail is fast and flowing, with some rocky and technical sections thrown in. At the trail crossing riders will stay right and descend down to finish at the road leading to Orco Feglino. (2km)
Follow the road towards Feglino, once you leave the village turn left towards Carbuta. Follow the main road to the church of San Rocco, here riders will turn right on the road that leads to Melogno. After 1 km you reach Pian Merlin, from the second special stages starts close to here, just to the right of the road. (7.6km)

2) Pian Merlino
A varied, fun trail winding through dense forest. Following the singletrack, turn sharp right at the fork. From there the trail is flat-out down to the river which you can cross on the rocks. A short climb up from the river and the trail turns downhill to the left and becomes rockier and steeper down to the village of Feglino. (3.5km)
From the town of Feglino climb back to the Church of St. Rocco. In front of the church there is a dirt road and the start of the stage is on it. (3.5km)

3) La Scogliera
Follow the trail until you reach a clearing and turn left into the trail Legnaia with lots of rocky corners. Continuing to the right follow the trail to the fork and then head left into a fast, pedally section. After passing a ruined house, take the trail to the left into the classic trail, Scogliera (translated to English, the cliff). After the rocky section hold to the left to reach the end of the stage. (2.5km)
Return to the paddock. (6.5km)
From Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, head back up to the plateau of San Bernardino. Pass the start of the first special stage a continue up the main trail to a crossroads. The stage starts to the right. (7.5km)

4) Campo Rotondo
4) Capo Rotondo
The trail starts with a fast pedaling section that heads uphill crossing to the south-eastern side of the hill. Once you reach the highest point begins to descend through the rocks, it’s a nice, relatively easy, fun trail at the top. As you descend further down you reach a series of tight switchbacks, that are where time will be won or lost on this stage. You then enter the trail Ruggetta (marked by a red horizontal line) and after passing through a narrow passage between two rocks, stay to the left down to the church of San Cipriano in Calviso where the stage ends. (3.5km)
From the dirt road take the paved road on the left of the church, follow it downhill to reach the main road that follows the river. Leaving Calvisio, turn left to continue along the river to the bridge that crosses it, turn right and follow the signs to Route Iualia Augusta. Climb along the road to the junction for the town of Verzi (following the indications for the strada romana), which turn left onto the dirt road. Follow the main track until you have passed two bridges, the first collapsed, the second in good condition. After passing the second turn right at the fork (follow the path marked with two red squares). The single track will take you to the plateau of Manie. Carry on to the right and you will come to the road that will leads to the special stage.

5) Briga “destra”
The stage takes its name from the restaurant at the top. After a few meters you reach a junction where you keep right. Now it goes innto a fun part that winds through the woods, to a second junction where you keep right again. From here the most special rocky, marked by a few bends on slabs of rock. Continuing on the main trail, you reach a dirt road that you follow downhill to the left leading to a clearing where you head left. The next section has some short uphills, leading to a fast section that overlooks the sea. After the series of corners there is a small, private road, follow it down for a hundred metres and then the stage drops into the olive groves on the right. The final section is rockier than the upper parts and finishes in Finalmarina. (3.5km)
From Finalmarina follow the via Aurelia along the sea, and head towards the center of Finale. It will take you directly to the Piazza.

Promo category will go on the prologue and the second lap from the paddock. The special stages covered by this category are:
– Prologue
– Campo Rotondo
– Briga “destra”

Details for how to register are available on the Superenduro website: Riders must follow these guidelines or they will not be able to register for the race. Entry fee €30.00 until 20.00 on April 12, after that it is €35 until registration closes at 09:00 on the day of the event.
Riders without a current race license can register, but they will need to buy an FCI day card at a cost of €5 (these are available at the race office on the day of the race).

– Pasta Party and catering agreement at “Ristorante Pizzeria LA PIAZZA”
– Bathrooms and Showers at Garibaldi.


Finale Ligure is accessible by car along the motorway (A10) Genoa-Ventimiglia and take the exit for Finale Ligure. From Turin follow the A6 until you join the A10. For a more scenic journey, follow the via Aurelia coastal road, although traffic can be bad along there.
Finale Ligure is also accessible by train, for info:

Book your stay in Finale via the form and get access to discounts provided for the event!