Locandina Superenduro 2018

Superenduro celebrates its tenth anniversary with a calendar of races that is a bit special: four rounds between April and September and two major comebacks at the opening and closing of the 2018 season, which is going to offer a journey throughout the history of the Series, its way of discovering and thriving with venues and riders.

Putting together the Superenduro racing calendar is, as such already an adventure: it requires a lot of energy, thoughts and planning meetings.
In the last few years we have always tried to give the calendar a meaning as a whole; by distributing the events homogeneously throughout the country and by choosing venues with their own character and unique flavour, able – at the same time and all together – to describe a journey into the enduro discipline and across our beautiful Italy.
For the 2018 season, again, deciding factors have been trails and riding quality, essential to raise the ‘fun’ bar to the top. However, in order to properly celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Series, we needed something special, a trick move, something recognizable and easy to associate with the history of the Series, and capable of evoking lots of emotions even before jumping on the bike and starting racing.
Besting their competitors with a scrub-like, last-minute manoeuvre, Sanremo and Priero are back into the Superenduro calendar, joined by reaffirming venues like Canazei and Calestano!
Superenduro made it to the two last venues only in recent times: Canazei was already well-known and appreciated at the international level, whilst Calestano has been discovered not long ago and almost by chance; it has enormous potential and has been barely tasted during the 2017 round. By contrast, the first two locations had already left their mark over the debut and during the first steps of the Series in the now distant 2008. Going back to race over there is going to mean much more that simply taking part in a competition.
As usual, two rounds will be valid as Enduro World Series qualifier events and this will do nothing but add ‘gunpowder’ over the already-on-fire competition.


Superenduro 2018 season will kick off in Sanremo on the 22nd of April, tackling the same trails in San Romolo woods, that in 2008 inaugurated this Series’ adventure. A lot has changed since then, but certainly not the essence of the trails: in full Ligurian style, they are still physical and able to offer a good dose of technicality. Not to mention the organising efforts of Sanremo Bike Resort‘s crew that will guarantee quality and full knowledge of the enduro dynamics.
On the 27th of May, for the second round of the season, Superenduro will go back to Calestano, in the Apennines range around Parma: a very centrally-located area that still has a lot to offer the enduro discipline. The guys of Alpicella Bikepark are desperate to redeem themselves and to let us discover what we have not been able to appreciate during the first edition, due to adverse weather: they are already working on new trails over slopes that look like rolling hills but actually hide mind-blowing tracks.
On the 24th of June the Series will make its way to the peaks of the Dolomites and into Canazei, for the only alpine round of the season. The goal of Fassabike, the organizing crew, is to bring home another epic race, with a strong international vibe, a lot of elevation drop and long trails where to make a difference. The trails wind their way through very different terrain and this will translate into a race wide open until the last corner.
After Canazei, a July packed with important events: not least, the first of the two Italian EWS rounds (21-22 July, La Thuile; 29-30 September, Finale Ligure) which we are sure many of the top Italian riders will not want to miss. And – why not? – time to pop round Eurobike for many companies and riders.
After the summer break of August, Superenduro will wrap up this edition of the Series with a big party during the weekend of the 2nd of September in Priero, another famed venue that has been absent from the calendar for many years. Over there, the enduro discipline, by motorbike at first and then with push bikes, is so familiar that ‘bike racing’ intrinsically means ‘enduro racing’. Cradle of the discipline, since 2007 Priero has organized an enduro race every year, without skipping an edition ever: this says a lot about the atmosphere pervading this place, pure passion.
Come the new year we will be back with Gigantic news, stay tuned!