On the 1st and 2nd of September Priero (Piedmont) will play host to the last round of the 2018 edition of Superenduro, with one of the only two Italian events also valid as Enduro World Series qualifiers.

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Summer holidays can last a little longer but in just over a month it will be time to go back in the saddle to get ready for the MTB Enduro Day of Priero, the last and decisive round of Superenduro, the National Series that this year celebrates its tenth edition.
After Sanremo, Calestano and Canazei, on the 2nd of September the best enduro riders – from Italy and abroad – will battle on the trails of this Piedmont’s legendary location, a venue that has contributed to the birth and development of the discipline since its Italian debut, just 10 years ago. The perfect way to wrap up the season, and a return to the very roots of the discipline: back in 2007 Priero hosted one of the first mtb enduro races in Italy, the rehearsal for what was to become Superenduro.
Many things have changed since then. Bikes are completely different machines now; the riding technique has evolved and the discipline altogether has moved forward. The Enduro World Series has come to light and the MTB Enduro Day will host one – the second – of the two Italian events valid as 2018 EWS qualifiers.
One thing has remained the same: the emotions you experience when you race on a great trail. Over the years Priero has been working on its trails, keeping up with maintenance and further developing the trail network: it still enjoys the same excellent reputation it had in the past, as a venue devoted to enduro, a big favourite amongst all riders from North-East Italy.
On Priero’s trails you ‘breath’ enduro. The discipline has a long tradition: it started with the motorbikes and then expanded to the pushbikes too. It is not by chance that, together with local riders and trail builders, we decided to bring Superenduro back here, during such an important year for the Series. Racing and having fun on the bike right where it all started is a great way to get back to the origins and at the same time draw the attention to the work done on the trails, here in Priero ” Enrico Guala, one of the Superenduro founding fathers, tells us.


What is the nature of the trails that will provide the playground for the last exciting battle of the season?
Priero means flow, good pace and a lot of fun in the saddle. Gradients are never excessive, nor the differences in elevation: what mother nature gifted this place with is the unique topography – that makes it easy to let the bike go in a very natural way – and the type of terrain, able to offer extraordinary grip. In short, Priero means fun on the bike to the nth degree!
So, before the fourth and final round of the 2018 edition, let’s take a look at the overall series situation, still wide open for many categories.
In the men’s (Competitive racers) the battle for the Series title is a three-man business. Nicola Casadei current leader and fresh out of an excellent performance in La Thuile needs to be on the podium if he wants to secure the title. Pursuers Alex Lupato and Matteo Berta are very close to each other and cannot make any mistakes. They must aim at the highest step of the podium during next race.
In the Women’s field (Competitive racers), after Rae Morrison was forced to retire (for a fracture in the little finger at La Thuile EWS), the current defending champion of Superenduro Laura Rossin gets the mathematical confirmation of the title. That said, knowing how she is, she will do a great race! The same goes for the Ebike race: Alessandro Bonarotti will make his appearance but he is already the winner of the overall title, after an excellent season always in the top positions.
In the Masters Men’s category the battle is amongst three riders – no doubt about that – with Fabio di Renzo who really doesn’t want to get any result outside of the top four, followed by Giacomo Dodino and Davide Dalpian. Amongst the ladies, there are still four riders able to get the title, and the main battle seems to be the one between Irene Savelli and Federica Casini, separated by just 40 points.
Exciting battle in the Youth (Men) too, with teammates Andrea Garella and Francesco Mazzoni fighting for the title since the first race of the season, and now approaching the grand finale with only 100 points between them.
In the Youth (Women) Giulia Amone and Sofia Priori are only separated by 20 points and will be battling for the title.


With the whole month of August still to come, the 2nd of September seems far away. But we all know: a few quick dips in the sea and the Superenduro 2018 grand finale of Priero will be upon us.