Less than 10 days before the new season of Superenduro kicks off in Pietra Ligure


Between mountains and sea, the first round of the season will take us on journey of discovery through Val Maremola and the amazing trails it hosts


Time goes by and the kick-off of the most highly anticipated Italian enduro event is getting closer every day: the eleventh season of Superenduro will soon get under way in Pietra Ligure.
After the announcement of the changes in the rules of Open Practice, a subject that – as expected – has achieved an almost complete consensus among the riders but also some diverging opinions, it is now time to get into the thick of the event. We are confident that most of the critical issues that have emerged will be sorted out after a short running-in period and that they will be a thing of the past soon, to the advantage of competition and spectacle.
As we talk, riders from 16 different countries have already entered the first Italian EWS Qualifier event: they will come from all over Europe and from North America, Africa and Oceania.
With a total length of 43km, 2.300m of vertical drop and 1,400m of elevation gain to be pedalled (plus about 900 m shuttle-assisted) Pietra Ligure is going to be the perfect location for the first important event of the season.
Still undiscovered, with breathtaking views overlooking the Ligurian sea and dream trails, Pietra Ligure has all it needs to be a venue that will leave a mark: perfect riding terrain, plenty of flow and serious elevation differences, as it happens in mountain areas.
Let’s get right into the thick of the race that will kick off on the 7th of April: that start line will be in Piazza San Nicolò and it will be followed by five Special Stages, one of them in the heart of Pietra Ligure town.


The other four Special Stages will cross the slopes of Monte Carmo di Giustenice (1,389m), the first peak of the Ligurian Alps, the eastern slope of a stunning mountain that has already been in the spotlight when it hosted the first Special Stage of the 2017 EWS grand finale with one of the longest descents we saw throughout the whole season.
More than 13km of Special Stages will crown the winner of the first round of the series.
Event village and paddock area, hosted in the beautiful Piazza San Nicolò in Pietra Ligure, are going to be more bustling than ever. Among the new crews joining the on-site offer, you will find Fox Suspension; IBS (Italian Bike Service) offering free mechanical assistance and Take your Time, that will be providing massages for riders and can be pre-booked online.
Pietra Ligure will not fall short of things to do for crew members and friends either: between a stroll along the seafront and a visit to the historic town centre, they will be able to enjoy a weekend of total relaxation thanks to the hospitality offer and services provided by Sea Stone Riviera Association and Bike Accommodation Pietra Ligure.
On Friday 29 March the race course will be announced and from that moment on, the tracks will only be accessible on foot, at least until Saturday 6 April, when Open Practice will finally begin.
For more info, find here the Race Book.
We’ll be waiting for you, come numerous and pumped as always!