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On the 1st and 2nd of September Superenduro will disembark in Priero, and this Piedmont’s venue – exactly 10 years after its debut – will step back into the spotlight of the enduro scene playing host to a race that is also valid as a qualifier event for the Enduro World Series.

The MTB Enduro Day of Priero is almost upon us: the grand finale of the 2018 edition of the Superenduro Series is also going to be the second Italian EWS Qualifier event of the season, after the round of Sanremo at the end of April.
Participants from 8 different countries have already entered the event of Priero; they will reach the venue from all over Europe, from New Zealand, Australia and – for the first time in the history of the Series – Africa.
Obviously, all contenders for the title will attend the event: they will be joined by all leading riders for the different categories and also by legend racers who decided to stick once more the race number onto their handlebar to participate in the last round of this tenth edition of the Series.

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To mark the occasion, the guys of AS PRIERO have put together a race course that includes some of the trails that have become part of the venue’s history, improved and made even more exciting with the introduction of a few alternative lines. But, mainly, they have prepared a racetrack that is in most part fresh, made ready just for the race about the set off.
As a result, the race will be 40 km long, with almost 1700 m of vertical drop; a very varied course, with fast, smooth sections mixed with more technical and tricky passages: a lot of flow and big fun all the time.
“Priero and the surrounding trails make for the ideal venue to go back on the bike after the summer break; to have fun in good company and round off the Superenduro season properly. Lately, top-level races tend to push a lot the technical side of the tracks used for the competition; in Priero we aim at offering something perhaps a little forgotten: the pure pleasure of riding your bike without the stress given by very techy terrain”. Manuel Ducci explains us, after the race course inspection a few days ago.

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Thanks to the topography of the region, the Special Stages are not going to be too long. Far from being undemanding though. With several occasions to sprint during the Special Stages, energy management will be tricky. More and more accustomed to long and exhausting Special Stages, at Priero – with not a huge vertical drop – riders will need to make use of all their energy in a shorter time, which involves a very high pace and very little chance to make a real difference.
We expect the race to be super fast, with minimum time differences amongst riders, fiercely fought until the last corner.

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A pasta party offered by event partner Felicia will be awaiting the riders in the village. It will also be time for the Series award ceremony, with plenty of prizes offered by Vittoria, Giant, Liv, Endura, Evoc, FiveTen and OTC, our Series partners, that we would like to thank for the invaluable assistance during the whole season.
We also would like to remind all riders, crews and public to pay attention to the location of dedicated parking areas and shuttle Drop Off points (shown on map). We also would like to invite everyone to visit the beautiful monuments in town and have a stroll around the stunning centre of Priero.
Online registration will be open until Thursday at 20:00:
Further info about the event: